Monday, February 27, 2012


We received the call late this afternoon that we received our LOA (Letter of Approval) from China.

We are hoping to bring Spencer home in late May or early June.

We are all so excited.

Here is how it played out...

We had just pulled into BD Mon*golian Grill (how ironic) to have Ethan's birthday dinner. I was getting the little ones out of the van when I noticed Chris looking at his phone. When I saw the phone number I got so excited. I said, "answer it - it is the agency!!" Chris remained calm, and then I heard him say "thank you". I started celebrating in the parking lot. I still can't believe he got the call, and I didn't. Plus he didn't ask any questions - so I guess I will be making some phone calls tomorrow. We knew we should be getting the approval soon, but we did not expect it today. I love surprises!!!

Here is a photo of Chris getting the call.

Here is photo of us getting ready for Ethan's dinner.

Here is me on 2/28 receiving the LOA from FedEx.

Next step - I-800

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Kiraz Çekirdeği said...

Hello, very nice family...Im writinn to you form Turkey's. My name is Serpil. I Have a daughter my adaption. My english is not good. Your pictures ara very beautiful. You will watch. Goodbye...:)