Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long overdue update!

It has been crazy around here! We are all doing great.
The kids are enjoying school.
Ethan is preparing to take the ACT (Yes he is only 12), but his MAP test scores gave him this opportunity. He is pretty excited. He is also playing soccer and camping out a lot for Boy Scouts.
Devin is also doing well in school. He stays after a few days a week for Chess club. He is also playing soccer and has scored several goals. He is in Cub Scouts.
Heidi is working hard in school. She celebrated her 7th birthday and her 4th Gotcha Day. She is playing soccer and also singing in the kid's choir at our church.
Isabelle started preschool and loves it. She has had a Bear parade and Bike Day. She is also singing in the kid's choir. She is getting so big.
Riley is still a crazy man, but he is so loveable. Definitely a momma's boy! He talks a lot and still amazes me with some of the things he says.
Chris and I are keeping busy, too. Chris has been camping with Ethan and we have been rearraning the house. That is one big task. We are also preparing for Orphan Sunday (Nov. 8th) at our church. These pictures are from Labor Day. The big boys didn't want me to add their photos of them on the horse.