Monday, December 03, 2012

Amazing Mr. Spencer

We are so blessed by this boy!  We love him so much.  We love that he sings his heart out.  We love that he loves life even when he has to work extra hard to do what others do!  We love his heart of JOY!!!!

This past weekend, our church had its Night of Praise.   Our five youngest performed in the program.  They all did amazing!  We were all so proud of their hard work.  Spencer had to sing in his wheelchair, and he did so with a great big smile.  He belted out all the words.   A few people commented on how they couldn't believe he knew all the words, and a few other people just said that his singing blessed their heart!!!

Spencer had his hamstring released on November 19th!  He had a cast change and leg straightening on Nov. 29th.   The results have been more than we expected.  The doctor said not to have too much hope that it would straighten his leg.  However, it is working.  His leg is almost straight.  He will only need 1-2 more casts and then be fitted for a brace.  He stood independently for the first time ever on Nov. 30.  He is now trying to take a few steps with his walker!!!  He is one determined little guy.

Before surgery

After surgery

Going home

1st cast

2nd cast

Standing for the 1st-time ever
*On another note, he asked if he had to go back to China once his leg was fixed.  We assured him that he would be with us forever.  That comment was a little reminder to me that even though adoption is a beautiful thing, most of our adopted kids have experienced more loss, abandonment and neglect in their short lives than many of us ever will!   What a blessing it is to watch them grow in the love of a family!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eagle Scout

Today was Ethan's Eagle Scout Court of Honor!
We are so proud of him.

Here is a little of what I said at the ceremony (excluding a poem)...

Ethan started scouting as a Tiger Cub in 1st grade.  I remember how much fun he had making his Pinewood Derby Car and his sailboat for the Raingutter Regatta.  Even though they were never that pretty, he was proud because he made them all by himself.  He even won a few regattas. 

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that he crossed over to Boy Scouts and attended Bartle for the first time.  It was so hard to see him leave for 10 days (even though his dad was with him), but we both survived.  Now he looks forward to Bartle each year.

He served as Den Chief for his younger brother’s den for 5 years.   He has also served as AssistantPatrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Scribe, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and is currently serving as the Senior Patrol Leader.

 I am thankful for all the wonderful things he has learned and experienced in Scouts the last 10 years and the quality time he has got to spend with his Dad.  I am also very proud of all his hard work and dedication in Scouts and earning the honor of Eagle.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photos and more

Lots to catch up on!

Here is an abbreviated version...
Heidi had a fun birthday!  Devin's ENT appointment went great.  He has to go back in about another month for a hearing test.  Grandpa and Grandma M. came and spent a week with us (loved it).  We enjoyed a Royal's game with them.  Spencer's MRI amazed us - his spine is healthy.  He will have knee surgery Nov. 19th to help straighten his leg! I attended a wonderful Women's conference with speaker Beth Guckenberger!!!  We had fun at our church's festival, and we went to an Apple Festival and pumpkin patch.

As you can tell, we have been enjoying the weather and having lots of fun!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time flies...

It is hard to keep up with the blog!  I plan on updating it weekly, but it just never seems to happen.

So what is going on?

Let's see...

I am now the proud parent of an Eagle Scout!  We are so very proud of Ethan.  He has worked hard to earn this achievement.

All the kids are doing great in school/homeschool.  Ruth and Riley are enjoying preschool.  We've been to a few festivals and enjoyed some great weather and food.

Spencer continues to amaze us with his language.  He has even started telling us a little bit about China.  It is such a blessing to get a small glimpse into his life before us.  He is also doing some basic math and has learned all his colors.  Today, he read a book to me (he's heard it a couple of times and memorized most of the words).  Nonetheless, it was so cute to hear his little accent.

We have a busy week ahead.  Spencer has his sedated MRI, Devin has an ENT appointment, and Heidi has a birthday!  WOW!!!

Our little Ruthie has been home two years now.  That is so hard to believe! She continues to be a sweetheart and is talking so much.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time for School and Tests

Well, school started today!  We were a little sad to see summer end, but we had a great one!
Ethan is a sophomore this year, and he has a tough schedule.
Devin (6th), Heidi (4th), Isabelle and Spencer (1st), and Riley (preschool) are all being homeschooled. Ruth is attending the early childhood center for preschool.
Today went great, but I am exhausted!!!!

Spencer finally had his Orthopedic appointment. The Dr. said that he is a puzzle. He has had several x-rays and a CT scan with no answers. He is now scheduled for a sedated MRI. We are hoping we will get some solid answers toward the end of September. He is still doing great. He is an amazing little boy with a great smile!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday!

This last Weekend we celebrated Spencer's 7th Birthday!  He seemed to enjoy the entire day.
He received some clothes, money and a camera for his big day.  He loves to take pictures!!!!!!!
We also ate his favorite food - PIZZA.

We are still amazed at how quickly Spencer has transitioned into our family.  For the most part, he acts as though he has always been here.  He has a wonderful personality and always make us smile. His joy is contagious!  He is such a determined little guy, and we are so proud of how he always gives 100%.  We love him so much.

We are still waiting for an ortho appointment!  We should be getting x-rays in the next week or so (hopefully).