Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time for School and Tests

Well, school started today!  We were a little sad to see summer end, but we had a great one!
Ethan is a sophomore this year, and he has a tough schedule.
Devin (6th), Heidi (4th), Isabelle and Spencer (1st), and Riley (preschool) are all being homeschooled. Ruth is attending the early childhood center for preschool.
Today went great, but I am exhausted!!!!

Spencer finally had his Orthopedic appointment. The Dr. said that he is a puzzle. He has had several x-rays and a CT scan with no answers. He is now scheduled for a sedated MRI. We are hoping we will get some solid answers toward the end of September. He is still doing great. He is an amazing little boy with a great smile!


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