Monday, December 03, 2012

Amazing Mr. Spencer

We are so blessed by this boy!  We love him so much.  We love that he sings his heart out.  We love that he loves life even when he has to work extra hard to do what others do!  We love his heart of JOY!!!!

This past weekend, our church had its Night of Praise.   Our five youngest performed in the program.  They all did amazing!  We were all so proud of their hard work.  Spencer had to sing in his wheelchair, and he did so with a great big smile.  He belted out all the words.   A few people commented on how they couldn't believe he knew all the words, and a few other people just said that his singing blessed their heart!!!

Spencer had his hamstring released on November 19th!  He had a cast change and leg straightening on Nov. 29th.   The results have been more than we expected.  The doctor said not to have too much hope that it would straighten his leg.  However, it is working.  His leg is almost straight.  He will only need 1-2 more casts and then be fitted for a brace.  He stood independently for the first time ever on Nov. 30.  He is now trying to take a few steps with his walker!!!  He is one determined little guy.

Before surgery

After surgery

Going home

1st cast

2nd cast

Standing for the 1st-time ever
*On another note, he asked if he had to go back to China once his leg was fixed.  We assured him that he would be with us forever.  That comment was a little reminder to me that even though adoption is a beautiful thing, most of our adopted kids have experienced more loss, abandonment and neglect in their short lives than many of us ever will!   What a blessing it is to watch them grow in the love of a family!!

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