Monday, February 27, 2012

15 years ago

I became a MOM!

I really wasn't in a hurry to be a mom. I had never really been around kids. Infact, I had never changed a diaper. However, once I held my son in my arms - my whole life changed.

Ethan is an amazing young man. We are proud of all his accomplishments. He is driven and dedicated. He strives to do his best at all times.

Ethan is also a wonderful big brother. He spends a lot of time with his siblings and serves as a good role model.

Ethan is a great son. He is kind and polite. He is also respectful and understanding. Ethan is very helpful and can always make us laugh.

Example: He does not own a cell phone, and he is probably one of the only kids in school without one. We are not against them it is just that we don't feel he needs one. He has never argued or complained about it. That still amazes me.

All these things make us so proud, but we are most proud of his integrity and character. He always strives to the "right" thing. He always thinks of others before himself! He is growing in his Christian faith and reads the Bible daily.

We know God has great things planned for Ethan. Words really can't describe the kind of young man Ethan is. All we can say is that we are so honored and blessed to be his parents.

Happy 15th Birthday! We love you!!!!!

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