Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Cute!

The Good!
We had another award's ceremony and Heidi and Devin did a great job this year. Heidi read all the required reading each month this year. Way to Go!
Heidi and Devin both received ribbons for participating in Rocket Math. Devin also received the Presidential Fitness Award. Great Job! Also, Devin was promoted to a Webelo at Cub Scouts.

The Bad!
Unfortunately, we received upsetting news from our adoption agency. It seems that the paperwork discrepancy from Jan/Feb is still delaying us. We are waiting for a piece of paper that requires a 3 month waiting period from a region that is notorious for being slow! Which means...we have no idea when our little girl will be home. We are hoping and praying that the piece of paper will arrive in time for our next court date, but it is not looking very promising!!

The Cute!
We received some new photos of "R", and she is just as cute as ever.
Also, below are some photos of the kids from the last week.

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The Millman Crew said...

OH Debbie, I am sorry! I hope you get the document you need to move forward and bring her home!! Awesome news about the other kiddos! Adorable photos too!!!!