Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cousins are fun...

We had a nice weekend visiting with family! We celebrated an early Mother's Day and the kids played and played. The "triplet" girl cousins put on several plays (see photo)!
We also had the opportunity to visit "Cowboy" church. It was a nice service with great country gospel music. We all enjoyed it. I did miss nursery a little bit. We kept Riley occupied with snacks most of the service.
Afterwards, 8 adults and the 10 kids went out for pizza. It was yummy - thanks grandma and grandpa!

Of course, what is a trip without drama. We had only been home about 10 minutes when Riley decided to lacerate his soft palate. He was not goofing around, it was just sort of a crazy accident. We spent the evening and early morning in the E.R. He had to have a couple of stitches. I think it was harder on us, because he has been as crazy as ever since we got home!!!!
We are just very thankful that he is ok.
We will post our court results for baby girl on Friday. As usual, we appreciate all your good thoughts and prayers.

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