Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are the Truth - Adoption Blogger Day

From the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JSCIS):

We Are The Truth

A Campaign and Call to Action

The outrageous treatment of Artyem by his adoptive family has rightfully resulted in outrage by the Governments of Russia and the United States and all who care about children. The tragedy has cast a light on intercountry adoption that says it is not safe, the system failed and adopted children cause insurmountable problems. The heartbreak of Artyem Saviliev’s abandonment has once again elevated a singular incident to a level which may result in the suspension of intercountry adoption. Suspending adoption, even temporarily, will only cause thousands of children to suffer the debilitating effects of life in an orphanage.

Today is Adoption Blogger day. So below is the truth about our adoptions. It is a very abbreviated version because words will never express all the blessings we have received from adoption and our children.

We started our family with two "homegrown" boys! We learned about the plight of orphans and felt that it was the perfect way to grow our family.

So we added a little girl from Guatemala. She was 3 years old when she came home. She is now a beautiful, smart and loving little girl.

Next, we added a baby girl born in S. Korea to our family. She was born very prematurely, but now is a bright, sweet and amazing 4 year old.

A few years later, we felt like someone was missing. This time we added a baby boy born in S. Korea. He is the busiest, funniest little 2 year old I know. He is also a great cuddler.

We are in the process again. We are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. She is around 2 years old. We can't wait to bring her her home.

This is our TRUTH about adoption.

Our family’s like a patchwork quilt,
With kindness gently sewn.
Each piece is an original,
With beauty of its own.
With threads of warmth and happiness,
It’s tightly stitched together.
To last in love throughout the years,
Our family is forever.

-author unknown

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