Saturday, April 24, 2010

90th birthday, yard work and more!

My Grandpa turned 90 last weekend! He is a wonderful Grandpa and has a special connection with all our kids. My parents came into town for the celebration and brought their new Yorkie (Molly). The kids loved the little puppy - no surprise. We also got to see Aunt Roberta and Cousin Jamie and his family. It was a lot of fun.

We also started working on our deck. We were just going to put a new railing up, but when we started the project we found out it needed to be torn down. It is back up except for the railing. The kids were very helpful, and I think we wore the little ones out.

Riley started feeling sick on Monday night. He is now almost over Hand, Foot and Mouth. He didn't feel good at all. Poor guy, but he looks happy at the doctor's office.

Finally, Sunday night while we are sleeping our case for R will be heard in Ethiopia. Our agency should contact us on Monday to let us know how it went. Please pray that we pass!

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Christie said...

Praying that court goes well. God is in control!