Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 Months Home

Cooper arrived in the USA on May 29, 2014!  He is such a blessing to our family.  His transition has smoother than we anticipated.  Much to our surprise, he was a momma's boy the morning after he arrived.  Cooper is sweet, smart and never stops!  Our biggest struggle is food.  He wants it all the time, but is very picky!  He loves to go "bye, bye".  He loves playing outside and water-play.  He is fearless.  The only shows he like are "Boonie Bears" (in Chinese on y*utube) and Froz*n.  Watching him try to sing the songs is priceless!!!!!!!!!!  He likes to eat hotdogs, chicken nuggets, ice cream, fruit snacks and chocolate.

We have had a lot of fun since he has arrived home!  Daddy and Spencer had birthdays.  We have been bowling, visited a couple of parks, had a picnic and went on a boat ride on the lake.


Chris, Ethan and Devin left for 10 days for scout camp at Bartle! We visited them on "Visitor's Saturday".  Ethan spent a week at Boy's State.  Ethan also received his driver's license and had his senior photo taken.  Where has the time gone?

Spencer had surgery on June 7th to have a plate placed in his knee.  His recovery has been smooth.

We have enjoyed being a family of 10!  We are so blessed. 



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