Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Just thought I would do a quick update!  We are all doing great.  Spencer continues to amaze us!  He is almost always smiling and laughing.  His favorite food has to be pizza, but hotdogs are a close second.  He cracks me up!!  He is starting to say a few more words and is very good at communicating without words.  We are still waiting for an orthopedic; however, he does not let his knee get in his way. 
Everyone else is doing great, too.  Ethan just finished his Eagle Scout project this last weekend, and Devin had his first job (watching a neighbor's dog).
Chris had a very relaxing Father's Day!  That made him very happy.  The kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy!!!!!
Here are a few photos of the last week.

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