Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanks for the memories!

My grandpa passed away last week. He was 91 years old and still mowed his lawn and tended his garden. When my grandma got sick several years ago he never left her side. He took such good care of her until she went to heaven. At the funeral, the pastor said he still saved her a spot at church. I love that!!!
I also love how grandpa would still chase his great-grandchildren around and play with them (even though he couldn't hear them)!
I also loved him because he was always willing to learn new things! He would send us emails and make us cards from his computer.
When we told my grandparents about our idea of adoption - they were a bit surprised and probably, at first, not that excited. However, I remember them going home and thinking about adoption and then being very supportive and excited. They were so proud and in love with Heidi when she came home. He loved all his grandchildren!!! I love you grandpa and will miss you very much. Thanks for the memories!!

Here are a couple of photos from his 91st birthday!!

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