Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home 1 year!

Last year


A letter to Ruth

Dear Ruthie,

It is hard to believe that you have been home with us for one year. I will never forget Daddy carrying you off the plane and seeing you for the first time.
You were so beautiful, but so scared.

This last year you have handled all the drs. appointments, therapies and meetings with such joy and grace.

You have changed so much. When you came home you were so tiny and still on the bottle. In fact, at night you would wake almost every hour for a bottle. Now you are, by far, my best sleeper. You even sleep in a big girl bed.

You were miserable because of scabies. You would also hit and scratch yourself. When you were mad you would just lay down and cry. Now you smile all the time and your joy is contagious. (You can still throw a good fit, though) LOL

You worried us when you couldn't eat solids, but after just a few weeks of therapy you started to learn to eat. Now you love to eat. You love chicken nuggets, hamburgers, oatmeal, bananas and lots of snacks. Ha! You have gained 8 lbs in the last year. Daddy thinks you are going to be bigger than Riley by next year.

When you came home we were told you were very delayed and had no words. Now you sing and dance around our house. You can say many words and even a few sentences. Here are a few things you say "I like to swim in the pool, I have to go potty, I like choo choos, want to eat." You also say "I love you."

Here are just a few reasons we love you so much.

* We love how you think you are so cute when you get your hair done.
* We love how you mimic everything (even when it doesn't make sense)
* We love how you will dance anywhere!
* We love your smile and your many expressions.

We are so very proud of you! You have such a beautiful heart and brings us such joy. We are so thankful that we are your family. We love you!!

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