Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Programs

We have had our share of Christmas programs in the last couple of weeks!
Ethan had a band concert and Isabelle had her preschool program on the same day. Chris went to Ethan's concert and said it was very good. I went to Isabelle's and Chris and Ethan joined us towards the end. Isabelle did a great job singing. She also had a speaking part - she was so adorable! I am a little biased!

On Sunday, Heidi sang with the choir at church service. Then in the evening, Heidi, Isabelle, Riley and Ruth were part of the kid's choir performance at church. They all did an outstanding job, and Isabelle was part of the live nativity. She was an angel. Ethan was very sad after the program because he forgot to push play on the video recorder. OOPS! Luckily, we can get a copy from someone else
Tonight was Devin's school concert. He was really excited about it. It was very cute, and he did a great job singing.

Also, Heidi and Isabelle started Upwards cheerleading. It was so cute to watch. Devin should have started basketball, but it conflicted with the school program tonight.

I will leave you this little story: Isabelle's teacher asked "Why do we celebrate Christmas?" Isabelle said "because Jesus love us."

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