Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He Met Her!!!

Today was the big day! Chris met our little girl for the first time. She went right to him, but was a bit shy the whole day. I guess she is usually quite outgoing. He said she loved to swing and let him know that she didn't want to stop. LOL He said she was quite a bit smaller than Riley and very cute. He also said that I am going to be very, very busy. Thanks babe!
Tomorrow is the Embassy appointment. Chris is looking forward to seeing more of Addis Ababa. He hasn't had the opportunity to get out yet. He said the weather was absolutely beautiful today, but it has been chilly at night. He said that he has slept well, but has a little bit of altitude sickness.
We are doing fine here. I took Riley to the doctor yesterday, because he ran a high temperature the night before. The Dr. thought he just had a virus. He feels much better today.
I can't believe she will be home this week!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Millman Crew said...

SOOOOOO EXCITED for you Debbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charity Hildebrand said...

YAY! That's so exciting!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I love being apart of the adoption community. It's so wonderful having so many people to connect with that have been through the ups and downs of adoption and can relate!

It won't be long now till your little girl is HOME!! :)