Saturday, July 31, 2010

Made me think!!!

My husband was listening to the radio in his car the other day, and he listened to an interview with Francis Chan (author of the great book - Crazy Love). He said that Francis Chan gave this as an example. I didn't hear this interview. I am just paraphrasing what my husband told me, but it really made me think - so I wanted to share it.

Francis Chan said imagine that you told your child to go clean his room. So your child went to his room for several hours and then came out and said...
I thought about cleaning my room. I understand what you would like for me to do, and I have read about cleaning my room. I have told my friends about what you said. We are going to study all about cleaning the room. Then you go to the room, and it isn't clean. Is this what you wanted? No, you wanted the child to listen to you and take action. You wanted the room clean.

Think about God's word in this way. You read the bible, you study the bible, you tell your friend's about Jesus, you go to Church to learn more about it. It is wonderful to do all the above things, but are you taking action? Are you living what you have learned, read, and studied? Think about it!!!!

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Jason, Kelly, and Luke said...

SOOOO GREAT!!!! :) It made me think!!! Love you and cherish our friendship! You are one Godly woman!! :)