Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We're Back

It has been quite some time since I last blogged. Everyone is doing great, and we are sure looking forward to summer.
We are planning a vacation just not quite sure where!!

Here is a little update:

Ethan (5th grade) is now in Boy Scouts and was the first one to receive Tenderfoot. He is playing the trumpet in school and is pretty darn good. He is still doing great in school and loves to play on the computer or video games.

Devin (1st grade) is in Cub Scouts and his dad is the scout leader. He took first in the Raingutter Regatta. He is doing good in school and becoming a good reader. He recently had his ear tubes out, but he might have to get them again. Bummer.

Heidi (5) is about to graduate from preschool and will start Kindergarten in the fall. I can't hardly believe it!! She likes to watch tv and play with her sister. She is a great big sister!! She loves wearing dresses and playing dress-up, too.

Isabelle (2) is one busy little girl! Seriously, she is handful but she makes us laugh all the time. She talks all the time and is in more things than even Devin thought about.

We are also in the process of adding one more to the family. Cooper is 9 months old and living in Korea. We hope that he will be home in August!

Stay tuned for more updates and adventures.

Until next time....

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